Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Rainbow is not at the End Of Kansas (The Wizard of Oz Equal Right Paradigm)

Wichita, Kansas

Tampa, (Fl) --- There are moments when we wish we had those "red slippers" and we can go clap them and just escape of our problems but the truth is the allegory between coming with your terms of living and identity and fighting to make a decent living but the problems of acceptance and equality are far away to be over but as new generations take the lead of the world the old stigmas are slowly disappearing. There are several allegories about Coming Out and living out by accepting your life with the challenges as well the trials, is not as perfect as The Land of Oz but there is a "rainbow" albeit is not that the end of Kansas.

Kansas is such a micro-cosmos of all the prejudice LGTBQ individuals have to live on a daily basis due the repressive environment almost installed by a Christian oriented Government that is not very different from the Sharia Law that the Christian Right-Wing critized as the biggest threat to America while in reality the enemies are not from the outside borders but from the in-land where the repression that is executed in the name of Christ much as the Wicked Witch of the West terrorized the Munchkins.

Islam is not the problem as we said before, the problem lies in how closed minded much of the Americans that fits in the WASP archetypes are towards other realities and other people or as I heard in my job place from a customer "If ain't white then it doesn't matter." Is true, that current of thought is toward different States that only promote one way of thought as well families who are scared that their children will see that the world is not as they taught  them but a place where Christians are not the vast majority, where people who are different in the color of their skins are equal and parents are not perfect much as Dorothy saw how her uncles where closed minded.

There is always someone in every generation much as The Wizard that had tried but the common majority who are scared don't let him or her to continue the fight to improve people's live beyond their cul-de-sacs. Maybe in ten years the idea of what today is controversial as marriage equality will be obsolete and it will be common as it always had to be because is not fair that a men and women who hate each other could have a marriage or a divorce but two people of the same sex can't have even a stroll down the beach without raising some eyebrows as two people of different races did the same on the 1950's.

Yet religious opression comes, but whenever there should be freedom of religion, religion itself shouldn't be a middle man between civil rights and politics because it interferes with democracy and democracy is a matter of men and women of different creeds who are trying to find a common point of peaceful co-existence and there is no God or Gods in the middle to say through the visions of a so called "prophet" who has personal interests in how to rule the world.

The concept of separation puts people on the brink of madness because they think God will give peace, while is the work of men and woman across the nations that brings that and not a supernatural being or a Wizard but rather a common person who has the willing to change the "paranoia agent" and the status quo to a better one.

There are many Dorothy's around the world, people who are willing to go and venture beyond the yellow brick road regard an creed and see beyond the divinity of a god, a witch or a wizard. The Rainbow is not at the end of Kansas, the rainbow is where and when equality is achieved for all the citizens.