Friday, June 21, 2013

Paula Deen Butter Brain Made Her Got Fired for Using Fried Chicken Slur

Tampa, (Fl) --- It's not more butter for Food Network not so favorite darling, it's amazing that finally she got fired after defending her tirade and own racist behavior that calling a black man a an old epithet is a common habit in the South.

Even her statement apologizing is as fake as the butter she use to deep fry everything but now she just deep fried her career into a diabetic coma because after all the allegations came public and her admitting it. 

Maybe she won't be as fake anymore if her career survive but  the damage from the public relations point of view she caused to herself is almost irreparable because when the public see that you are not what you are projecting into the marketing it will be difficult to recuperate the credibility as the people want to see and buy that kind of perfection, even if is a "fake one" that will make them feel good about themselves.

Home-goods oriented market it can be the most difficult to break in and stay afloat; thinking about Martha Stewart, her company suffered a backlash that still is the focus of many jokes around nighttime talk shows whenever she is appears on the news on any given week regard her "fiscal' evasion and her time in prison; those are the element regard public image that a celebrity or luminary don't escape as easily because the collective won't forget that simple the imperfections of these people. Yet who would like to endorse or buy a product of an old racist lady who say that Southerns are exactly as her and yet later try to create a shallow statement to keep her line viable.? Probably nobody unless she reinvent herself.