Monday, June 3, 2013

Panama in the black list of French Fiscal Paradises

Tampa, (Fl) --- Panama couldn't be more in such an amazing place after all those buildings being constructed around the bay in Panama City; the expansion of the coastline and the tourism industry seems to be a mere facade of what is hiding behind the walls of Panama City where the French government through their Agency of Development released a list of 17 fiscal paradises thought the newspaper "Le Monde" and Panama was again for a third year in a row, which could believe that the economical boom in Panama is just a mere mask of the laundry money, drugs and excess the society has been trapped for many years living the rich to live as rich and the poor to earn in Balboas but spend in Dollars.

The Agency of French Development due the jurisdictions presented as not cooperative, they can't transmit any funds of their operations to the countries that utilize private financing for their operations. That means that organization can not participate in any financial matter; even if according to "Le Monde" that Panama is one of the routes that all financial aid that goes to Latin America goes to that country; which is kind of strange because Panama is only a route and that is it, and the national government don't get involve at all into international politics unless it involves something positive for them.

The list in alphabetical order are Botsuana, Bruneu, Costa Rica, Dominica, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Guatemala, Marshall Islands, Liberia, Montserrat, Nauru, Niue, Trinidad and Tobago; and Vanuatu. The Minister of Development Pascal Canfin, who is the one behind this initiative to show an offensive tactic from France against the so called fiscal paradises.

Caffin also expressed the AFC created the list due a Ministry of Finance study on the year 2012 where all the selected countries fitted in the OCDE as countries where there is no fiscal transparency. Is not difficult to know that there are some major problematic on Panama, but when there are foreigner dignitaries is not really that difficult for the government to hide all those little pesky issues; and is not only Panama, countries as Colombia they do the same when they want to hide all their dirty little secrets in order to keep their international image OK with foreigners.

Street Children in Cartagena
As it was said earlier, Colombia is not different from Panama as all the historic ties as well the close proximity regard geography; on the year 2012 on the America's Summit President Obama went to Colombia, specifically Cartagena. In order to keep their image clean to the world as the city was going to be filled with journalist from almost every corner, the Colombian government "cleaned" the city from any possible beggar as well straight animals, even so their effort wasn't enough because the cit got tainted with the prostitution scandal that tainted the Secret Services of the United States as well Cartagena as a "international whore house" an image where the city hasn't gone clean after a year.

The intention of Caffin is to expand the prohibition to operate with full strength with ever single French organism; which could be a solution to stop or at least partially stop the illegal activities that French inversion resources are used to generate wealth to a few and not being used for the intention that were supposed to.