Monday, June 10, 2013

Boy Scouts Sponsors Divided Over Inclusion of Gay Scouts

Boy Scouts Tampa, Fl
Tampa, (Fl) --- The rage over equality continues, is not long until the Supreme Court of the United States will give a decision on California's Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) but on a micro-level of the overall experience The Boy Scouts of America are showing possible scenarios about the upcoming decision on DOMA.

There has been protests around Tampa Bay regards the hollow decision of the Boy Scouts of America toward the inclusion of gay scouts but not Leaders, creating a rift in the organization.

The major problem the organization and their hives present are the  drops on the sponsorship's regards the decision they took because as many people know the relationship between the Scouts and conservative groups is quite narrow.

The Catholic Dioceses of Saint Petersburg, Florida; is one of the major sponsors in the area to the boy scouts of America in Tampa Bay by sponsor 26 troupes around the area but to a church that clearly and openly oppose anyone who thinks different or whom is different from their doctrine, then, there is a chance the church not only in Saint Peterburg but all across the nation will retire their sponsorship's to the different troupes after the National Conference of Bishops.

Not only the Catholic church is backing up the sponsorship but several churches from different denominations are doing the same because of the interpretation they see of the Abrahamic doctrine which tends to be in a double negative because you are allowed to love the sinner but also condemn it.

So, with the inclusion at least partially of a gay population in the Boy Scouts is the American Family Association and One Million Moms are going to start boycotting them also,? much as they did with the Girl Scouts as well other campaigns with retailers.

Talking about the different churches in the Tampa Bay area, it seems that that backlash against the organization who was once the bully is becoming the victim of their own creed of apartheid.

Even if community leaders recognize the importance of the community program there has been a fragmentation since the National Council vote on the ballots over 61% of approval in supporting the gay youth to Scout openly. Why openly gay adults to serve as troupe leaders as the Girl Scout did.? Because there are paradigms around regard the central doctrines of the organization where they see any adult as a pedophile even if it shows that sexually predators are essentially straight man.

But, there are always good people who won't put their problems or prejudices on the sponsorship's such as Reverend James Harnish who is the senior pastor of Hyde Park United Methodist Church in South Tampa where he will continue supporting troop 22 which is one of the oldest ones in the city but in a juxtaposition where the Oakwood Baptist Church in the unincorporated community won't support their troop if the troop brings any gay youth.

The schism is bringing the problematic that youth at risk who take emotional support on the troupes, yet placing the clauses that the inclusions will bring a problem to the churches as well other right-wing sponsors it is time to re-do the strategy of letting the community programs that the Boy Scouts support but without their support because is not fair that there are going to be clauses on a young person as much it was on the era of Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Probably, as we see with the Boy Scout of America micro-experiment on the results of the Supreme Court's decision about DOMA's repeal where there should be a separation between church and State, where equality should be a must and any dogmas shouldn't interfere with the integral development of people to achieve their full potential without any discrimination.