Sunday, June 16, 2013

Angry Old White People: The Introspection of a Supermarket Clerk

A Supermarket in the 'Burbs
Tampa, (Fl) -- I've been working in a supermarket for the last 3 and half years of my life, I have to be honest is not the most interesting profession ever but on a sociological level it can be quite amusing to analyze people's behavior by what they buy and how they act.

"Paper or plastic.?" is the question many clerks face on every day basis and at the same time is the most annoying question because the clerks can get the most annoying answers or attitudes from people.

How can a simple question be so annoying,? well there are many ramifications and the essential goes that plastic bags are something new and in an inter-generational speech that can be a breaking point because of habits of growing up and what age range you fit in, albeit the second aspect is not necessarily a must. The generation of 20 are the ones who essentially focus on paper bags, and as by now if the clerks misinterpret or don't hear properly their commands they can get into an angry racist tirade that America is not the same.

As a supermarket clerk I've pay attention to all the tirades of these angry old white people toward how immigration and the "liberal" policies had destroyed America whenever they forget that America itself, the United States of America is a country that was founded on immigration and genocide of the aboriginal native cultures (but I guess in the so called political-correct times we live, that's an aspect that is not mentioned in the history books).

How can paper bags as well plastic bags be such a divisor between the generations,? And even so, not even generational wise but also on the topic of recycling, but I guess people don't think for every recycle paper bag, ten more come and for ten more an hectare of forest succumbs with the new bags, but yet there's the plastic bags which they are not so annoying to recycle or reuse but yet people believe that plastic trees will get killed (how many times I had heard that false statement) while plastic bags have more in common with something else, condoms, so if you want to save a so called plastic tree first forget about the plastic tree and let's focus more on fucking, yes fucking, if people want to be more eco-friendly they should stop using condoms when they fuck but yet that's a bad idea for all the unwanted pregnancies as well diseases.

Yet people tend to believe that they know everything, even my own self is ignorant but yet I admit it. Then there is the other speech "If you mock at my traditions you are mocking at America" I had lost track of how many times I heard those empty words, how can an individual be the total of an entire country.? Is impossible, but the generation of the 20 and we can even include the Baby Boomers like to perpetuate that closed minded speech that they represent everything.

How can a paper bag, or sack (which is less accurate) be the object of such a dispute.? That's because angry old white people who maybe are lacking of vitamin b6 and b12 don't have anything better to do than mock the store clerks and treat them as ignorant's but yet you can't teach an old dog new tricks or make the dog get accustom easily to something that break his or her routine.

Going back to the racist tirades that the question of paper or plastic,?  can bring are ridicule; people when they buy the think they own the place, yet they don't think they employees are human and they forget that dignity is a quality they as patrons should put in practice specially because when they are receiving a great service or not even on that level just to put human value first.

Yet is awful to hear those angry old white people saying that ethnically diverse, or as they like say those filthy immigrants who can't even bag or scan or hear my tirades can't do something because they are ignorant, they should look at themselves first because much of the people who are in this country regards their generation are children of immigrants.