Friday, June 7, 2013

A Letter To a Friend

A Letter To a Friend

By: Gus Calvo-Simmons

There is your photo on Facebook
and you call yourself smart,
in between a dichotomy
of loneliness as if a train just passed over your soul;
What do you want in life.?
A world bring to your feet just because your pretty smile.?
or because you think you are an old soul trapped in a young man's body.?
Learn to live first before you die in life;
why do you think everything is easy because you can smile and wear a hat.

I hope one day you read this and know you won't get anything you want;
you won't get the person of your dreams
because that person only exists in a fantastical realm;
nobody is perfect yet you think you are,
and there is that photo of you in a pub;
you aspire greatness but even if you smile in the company of those two man
who seem more fascinated to threat you as an object that they can letter dispose.

Beauty is so ephemeral,
one day you are the object,
the next day you are the memory of who it was;
trying to escalate as probe that is trying to explore the sky
only to discover how empty everyone is.
The cosmos suddenly isn't pretty
and it can be as cold as the bottom of the Glacial Sea.

Burning in Hawaii,
only sixty five days a year,
trying to get a sixty nine,
yet you can get a sixty eight,
days goes with a mist,
and the sun never seems to come up,
What it will come for you.?

Nobody really gives a shit.