Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why Racing for the Cure Won't Bring any Cure as is Not Profitable to Have a Cure as Is for Pharmaceutical Companies

Tampa, (Fl) --- There is no doubt that cancer is one terrible disease but at the same time there is the problem of commercializing a cure for the different types without thinking of generating a profit from the suffering of other individuals, "just be completely generous" is a phrase that doesn't fit well on the machinery of marketing campaigns because if you are generous there won't be a way to generate profit from all the cancer patients and families who are trying to create support networks.

Every year all the Susan G. Komen events and merchandise seem to gather all the different demographics together that are bounded by cancer to spread the message into finding a cure, as well to sell merchandise that every year bring more than US$20 million dollars to the organization but exactly how much is invested into creating a group of researchers (as different pharmaceutical companies have different groups) that will find an end to cure.? Nothing, because if they don't have a message and merchandise to promote then won't be a "race for the cure" or any of the events and thus then won't be no organization and by default no money if there is a solution to the cause the Komen shelters, which lead us to the next question exactly how much Komen gives to the different groups that are searching for a cure.? Who knows because it seems every year that is pass there is no cure and more of those little pink ribbons are being sold to create "awareness" if they want to show they care they won't put a price on those pins, and as much as every organization that is "racing for a cure" the money they gather should be donated exclusive to make people healthier and not to merchandise because it shows how shallow the cause(s) are.

Is a lose-lose situation in such a hypocrisy because it shows that humans only veil for their own interest and that's it, and as the Komen Foundation, Pharmaceutical companies don't really give a shit if they make people healthier because that means there won't be no business as if they send the patients to those expensive treatments and medicines that generate more than US$5 billion of revenue. That's the little point, they invest more on the message and their merchandise rather than a solution because both points represent money that much of the time is not invested wisely and if they do invest it wisely then you know the solution "people will be healthier" and that's a no-no.