Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Forbidden Pandora's Box (A Poem of an Angry Clerk)

The Forbidden Pandora's Box (A Poem of an Angry Clerk)

By: Gus Calvo

The blood that placed many men into their knees;
which covers their hearts with cotton fantasies;
bloody demons that appeared from the vast regions of those forbidden boxes,
as soon as they are opened
but they have to be cleaned;
they hold the sins of humanity;
but yet the profane and mundane of the body sacredness;
screams of agony come from the steel hearts that dare to go close
and open the prohibited box
that hides the darkest secrets of womanhood.

Men tremble in fear,
they scream in agony,
they want the forbidden treasure but not the consequence of what is left behind
before the cycle ends on the third and the twentieth;
it brings thirst,
it brings lust,
it brings shame,
it brings depravation;
Fears come to open the box of Pandora and find the puffy soiled treasures
of a morning fresh,
what man or woman would like to clean the mortal vestiges of a friend that is covered in cotton.?
No one at all,

not even on the divinity in the Kingdom of God.