Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Parents Should Have More than One Children and Abandon Luxury - Pope Francis

Pope Francis 
Tampa, (Fl) --- The double negative that comes from the mouths of the people in power, the people who don't know the harshness of life and that have their lives ; yet Pope Francis critiqued the "culture" of "comfort" and "provisional" by referring to the Catholics couples who only opt to have one children; but what the Pope didn't even realized was that many couples only opt for one child, for this form of family planning because of the problematic economy that is world wide and couples don't have expendable income as the Vatican does; but yet is the Pope who lives this accommodated life of debauchery and yet the first one to say other people can't but only he.

With the overpopulation, the hunger, with this world's natural resources collapsing he ask to procreate because it doesn't even if you love your better half because if you have a children or two is OK. Is one of the reasons I can't go on the doctrine of Catholicism, not only because as any other Abrahamic religion they try to negate the validity of other; their dogma is incompatible with much of today living standards worldwide as well trying to rule overs people life; is an intricate design of rules and laws because at the end much of the people like to be in a submissive role.

Maybe is true, religion as whole, the concept of religion has to be re-invited because is putting many different holds on people for over the last 2 millenniums and we can't let it happen for another 2 more thousand years and specially with the latest remarks (not only this one but the entire last 50 years) had proven that if you don't adapt to your audience your product eventually will die and that's what is Catholicism on shallow grounds; but the Pope Francis asking his fellowship to put down their dreams of going on a vacation or buying a new house have to be stop because they don't have children, or enough children while the clergy as essentially sexless and live in wealth shows an oxymoron of their speech; because if you are in a fellowship you can still follow the principles without sacrificing your moral and economical aspirations.

"The well being keeps us under anesthesia, it makes us sink, it throws away from the courage of Jesus. Is the first rich quality of out culture, the culture of the well being." The Pope said. even so speaking about the temporal and provisional while celebrating a mass in the Chapell of Saint Martha along side Philippe Babarin, achbishop of Lyon.  Why the Pope keeps contradicting himself.? Because the church keep losing adepts and by default money, the church is dying on the economical level as time pass, they can't keep all the luxuries of men and women who dedicate to proselytism and if their adepts have aspirations which are economical, which are jobs, which are on rest and relaxation that means there is no extra money for them to spend on the the weekly mass fund recollection as well to keep their priests in their accommodated life.

I always remember a story from my strange mother where she said a contradiction where she went to visit the cloister of a cousin that is a nun; my mother came amazed and she said "they live in such a humble way but every room has their own A/C, they have computers, they have meals and they have all the comfort." I replied "What humble way.? She lives better tan us and she doesn't pay a dime." My mother only replied I was a sinner for saying that, then a sinner is only no more a person who is against the established doctrines of a religion or a corporation.

So, the Pope as well the Vatican should know more about the realities that are beyond their protected walls because life is not what is shown in the Bible, life is not what they make up on a daily basis, life is more complex.