Sunday, May 19, 2013

How the Lottery Represent the Ying-Yang of Hope and Greed

Tampa, (Fl) --- There is 4:5 possible combinations of Power-ball numbers in play ad with the little town of Zephyrhill, Fl now being in the spotlight as the solely winning ticket was sold there makes me wonder about the possibilities that mere odds can change the life of someone but at the same time money won't bring happiness albeit some peace if people keep their finances on check; even so behind hope there is greed.

When I was at work and I saw all the people behind that long line on the counter (as I heard also different stories from several friends that on other supermarkets the lines where ridiculously insane) I started to wonder about their motifs on why spending cash on a high risk investment that at the end wasn't going to leave any profits except to only a few, much similar as a Ponzi Scheme, which lottery is not different from the aforementioned scheme.

The winning numbers were 10, 13, 14, 22 and 52 with a Powerball of 11; even so up to this moment the officials of the Florida Lottery haven't mention any information about the possible winner that was sold in a local supermarket of Publix; the jackpot as it was known was US$600 mills and after taxes ill go roughly to US$590 millions for the "lucky" winner which will be consider a great amount, but yet in order to keep his or her wealth the winner has to think wisely on how to invest and save for the future as to educate his or her children that money is not everything and nothing will compensate the meaning of hard work.

The chances of winning the prize are astronomically low as 1: 175 million, making the combination just low to pull out the winning number; but why Americans are so obsessed with easy money.? Maybe it goes on terms with the economy on the last 20 years but also the basic impulse to win "and shove it to every one else" or simply to change their actual economical situations with a series of 5 numbers but also why not to spend that money on basic needs for the house such as grocery and any minor repair or to buy detergents, anything can help instead of betting the money.