Sunday, May 12, 2013

High School Rapper Arrested for Terrorism Charges About Boston Bombing but Yet Mainstream Rappers are Glorified for the Use of Verbage Toward Violence

Tampa, (Fl) --- We live in sensitive times where everything you say can be used against you and every information you can share will be used against you as there is no privacy on the social media; then, the other side of the spectrum, we live in a time where the Millennial are the most arrogant and selfish generation ever and they are victims of their own parents who couldn't care less about their children.

We live in what some people say "fucked up times" and is true we are in a time where the mass mentalities are fucked and kids are doing whatever they want but yet Cameron D'Amrbosio is only one escape goat of the many the Central Intelligence Agency is trying to find to keep the "invisible" enemies on the public eye as the "external" ones are almost vanquished and there is no one else to blame for the United States problems even if we can blame "us" to blame.

Cameron is facing charges and prison time all because his Facebook profile yet the influences of rappers who are the musicians who appeal to the middle class masses yet tends to go unnoticed about how the promote women's violence, xenophobia, social cleansing, gay bashing (Lil Wayne just to name one) yet they don't go on bail time unless they do something outrageous so the censors are being selective on who they chose to punish if they don't have the money to buy justice.

Police Chief of Methuen, Massachusetts where the suspected terrorist was aprehended said that D'Ambrosio posted lyrics about killing everyone, the Boston Marathon bombings and the White House. But how the media handles this "public trial" where a new "public enemy" is found for the public to hate. The scenario with the media feeding the public with emotions is extremely similar to Orwellian scenario of 1984 where the workers are given a minute to hate and release their fears and frustrations on a monitor showing the enemy of the state of Oceania.

According to the Eagle Tribune, he was charged with communicating a terrorist threat (which 20 years ago if someone posted or wrote heavily induced hate lyrics they would be placed under a record deal) but right now due all the problems and hurt suggestibility there is no individuality, there is only potential threats that keep still linking to Al-Qaeda and perpetuating the Islamophobia around the United States.

So if you post on Facebook that you are against the government by placing as D'Amrbosio such as "Fuck the Government, Fuck Politics and Fuck Obama" you can essentially been thrown to jail but yet there is a fine line between protesting and being a vandal, albeit lately it seems the government as well all the enforcement forces are violating the right of citizens to protests but they keep doing nothing with hate groups such as the Westboro Baptist Church that has placed hateful and harmful messages to the people as well national politics only because they shelter that is their right to be shelter under their freedom of religion even if they act as complete idiots or better say "dicks."

With the D'Amrbosio case there should be a clear evaluation on parental rights as well national securities because the local and federal governments instead of focusing a viable solution for all youth at risks are throwing them in jail and parents aren't being punished for not taking care of their children.