Monday, May 27, 2013

Dream Big: An Economical and Psycholigical Approach on LGTB

Dream Big Balloon
Tampa, (Fl) -- Emotional support is the main key at the moment steps out into the world as him or herself; with no chains regards the past and the future; "Dream big and approach everything with caution, think twice and aim your dreams with your skills so they can become a reality." that's what I believe but also I believe that being involve in a community that has to fight twice as harder to achieve those dreams.

Economically wise, when the worst case scenario "where your family cut every single financial support, you will end up with nothing except what you can carry." one key aspect to keep moving forward is to be grateful that you are alive and that there are many solutions in life and that suicide is not the only one; you have to work hard, but don't fake a smile, work twice as many of your co-workers and be gentle but without losing your stance.

A job can make a difference, because socialization can play a key aspect at the moment of keeping your sanity, a good job besides the economical support for self-reliance will also give you a time to socialize and interact with other people will always help you during the transitional period and up to the point where you feel comfortable within your own skin because is not only finding support and acceptance within other people but acceptance within yourself and when you conquer that broken ego due the experiences but the experiences will help you to make it go through and to be more self reliable.

Education is always an important issue, is one the little details of the balloon that caught my attention is the slogan, the fonts, the color and the little icon that represent a graduated cap with a star; there is so much the iconography can represent to almost any individual who see the balloon would interpret it they way the  want because you can only dream big regard your destiny.

Economically speaking not all the situations are the same; family and cultural perspectives tend to change from country to country as they tend to change from family to family. Save some money before taking any decision, find a friend that will shelter you for a time, another family member, a better half that is willing to take you after taking that important step  because the people that you surround yourself with, will help you to move outside the "shadows" you can fall into; but facing the "real" world can be a major challenge because even with all the evolving points we are still trapped in a hetero-normative society.

Society can be an amalgamation of different segments of cultures and every story you heard is not the same as the one you lived, but society can be cruel as it has the potential to be nice; in a really awful joke but a realistic one on the American television show "American Dad" episode Lincoln Lover while Stan is addressing the Langley Falls Republican Convention "Gays support the economy by buying those fancy electronic and tiny poodles" is true, even if it was expressed in such a campy way LGTBQ who had position themselves after the struggles support the national economy in many ways due their "expandable income" by buying more national brands of high tech gadgets even if they are parents; supporting local groups through donation of their times as well events, just to name a few.

On an economical aspect there are so many ways that the different economies can improve if the governments give the support to the LGTBQ communities just by equating the rights with their hetero-peers regards patrimony as well social aspects because when a segment of the population is marginalized the overall suffers but if everyone is treated in the same vein, everyone is just on the same boat.

That's the problem, people doesn't realize that equality not only brings a better approach on a mental level to a segment of the population that is in danger of suicide as three times as their "straight" counterparts but also it will have the chance to improve so many lives on an economical point of view but yet, equality being spoken on those two fields seems to be so distant, but maybe one day the social situation we are living is going to be in the past and a new bright future is just over there, not far away.