Saturday, May 18, 2013

After Banning Marriage Equality in Florida Former and Possible Future Governor Charlie Crist Flops Over it

Charlie Crist
Tampa, (Fl) --- Charlie Crist is the epitome of why I detest politicians as a whole, and he is the icon on why I tend to see politicians as opportunistic people who switch sides whenever they want to pursue any economical interest.

After signing on 2006 a petition that had as a consequence the Amendment 2 , the silver haired fox who has "grinding gears" more than a bisexual on a Chi-Chi LaRue porn published decided to switch sides after making life a living hell to the LGTBQ segment on Florida before Rick Scott; but why Charlie Crist suddenly switched sides.? If is a reflection on his newly "Democratic" ideals as the party is been backing up marriage equality for quite a while now.

There are so many variants on the why. Specially after he defending the sanctity of marriage but also being private on his life, as well contracting the nuptials in order to quiet the rumors about his personal life on 2008 with a younger woman named Carole Rome to preserve his status among the Republicans but since being a new one to the Democratic Party, I guess he just went among the flow.

While the former governor has getting softer since leaving the office and planning his comeback, up to looking now as the"live and let live" kind of person he was the one who signed the ban over gay Floridians chance of getting married, even as a Senate candidate he stopped short of endorsing marriage equality but he said he supported civil unions that afforded the legal benefits of marriage.

Now it seems he is planning is comeback by luring voters with his change of speech and offering sull support of "gay marriage" even so far to publish in his Facebook his support for Delaware ten days ago (05/08/2013) but what if he wants to go back to the office.? He would have to face the public criticism of his change of postures and the voters not looking to a politician who can't stand to his own words and his perspectives, because he keeps showing signs of weakness to a weak electoral body giving a clear victory to Rick Scott if he goes for a second term.

On a personal level, I couldn't give my support to Rick Scott but neither to Charlie Crist because both men harmed Florida with their inequality and even if Crist has really changed his perspective I can say an old fox don't learn new tricks overnight, so whatever happens my vote will go to the blank option because the damage is already done.