Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Poem of A Dying Fantasy (The Red Alighieri)

A Poem of A Dying Fantasy (The Red Alighieri)

By: Gus Calvo

She placed herself in the ground/
in a world surrounded by fantasy,
placing bricks around her reality
and creating a castle;
burying herself in dream around a castle,
She couldn't hold it in her head;
even if she tried to see it in the dark;
where all the life's she knew where slowly sinking
in the supports of the castle;
it was a neverland
where she was the queen of a dying kingdom.

Little fireflies flew in the skies,
as she pretended they were shooting stars,
she tried to hold into her wish
to simply be perfect;
she is ripping her butterfly wings,
and slowly dying as her blood
is burying her castle,
she started to cry in the dirty ground,
as she hold bricks by bricks,
and the big bad wolf blew every boring brick,
while she tried to grab her chaperon;
and shovel her grave down to down below.

Why did you built that world of magic.?
If your life is really that tragic.?
I can't believe it, I can see it,
but you can't see it because you are trapped in the dark;
do you want to house your wish right now.?
to see the fireflies shooting in the star,
Why is so hard to find the world you left behind.?
Maybe because you are ripping your wings of butterfly