Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Like Equals One Prayer, One Like She is Beautiful, One Like Equals a Farming Statistical Marketing Campaign

Would you give this beautiful girl a like.?
Tampa, (FL) -- There is a new marketing campaign that some people have dubbed "Farmers Marketing" because it can use an indirect public to measure an statistic that is going to be used for a campaign, as well to spam the life of the users around the social medias.

The term "Farmers Marketing" is really easy to explain as a control group spread an image appealing to peoples' emotions and through the search of the option sharing they can measure their statistic, comments from people and what approach they need to take in order to spread the message. While this strategy seems new is actually quite old as it data in the form of spam emails where if the user shares or forwards the message with other users the corporation who was intended (part of the spam) to donate money would share a small percentage, thus creating a firm viral form of spam that still last and is valid.

This form of marketing as well we can say spam is extremely disgusting because through the appeals of ad emotions, they play with people beliefs in order to fulfill a result that is shady. As in a humanistic approach, people will feel sympathy of the tragedies and they will mix them with their personal beliefs as they will think they are doing something good or sharing support while at the end 1 Like equals Absolutely Nothing except that is time the users need to think that there are plenty of ways to support the community as well to spread a message beyond one simple like of Facebook.

What is annoying is not the group of "like whores" who try to use sympathy to generate views but to sell a tragedy but the users who keep promoting much of these "ideas that with a like everything will be resolved." as well giving statistics to marketing groups who are looking for targets to aim to sell something such as a "cure for a diseases," "a new product," "a new hip and trendy pro-animal cause that will save sick puppies," because they know people will fall over their knees's to be part of the trend while in reality one like means nothing except for is just a like of an event that has already been resolved, a dead puppy, or someone who died already from a disease that is so rare that you probably heard it in a sensationalist television show.

So next time you think "1 Share = 10 Prayers" or "1 Like = 1 Punch to the Sadistic Man who Killed a Puppy" think twice, is just Spam and nothing more.