Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Barbara and Carla, Why the Voice Should Focus on Trained Singers Instead of Any Pop Trash

Still from The Voice UK
Tampa, (Fl) -- Cultural identity and the media play a major role in today's "globalistic" and heavily industrialized world where the sensuous pleasures are satisfied within seconds and with competitions as The Voice, younger and older generations can relate certain aspects of their cultural and socioeconomic identities into the contestant of the shows.

The sad aspect of shows as this one is that within the range of the competition winning points are that the contestants have to show a pop appeal that can be chewed, exploded and trashed out within a year in order to preserve the dynamics of the show which are to sell manufactured music that will sell quickly as possible.

It would be a shame that two lovely ladies as Carla and Barbara would be victims of the industry that only cares into selling and not cultivating a memorable act, an act that haven't been seen since the death of the King of Pop and all the artist from the 80's because with the music as is today and with the younger generation of musicians, "pop stars" and the endless amount of Asian idols that are only placed to satisfy the desires of a bunch of perverts and loners there is not a good panorama on world wide music.

Why contest shows have to focus more a little bit on the arts and less on the looks.? The answer is simple because there is talent world wide beyond the looks and is a shame that the talent that should be on the spotlight is being wasted, besides an obvious implication the other aspect as was mentioned earlier is to reaffirm cultural identities that music is not related to violence or "being real" but rather to reflect the personal emotions of a community and an author.