Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Are the Boston Explosions Were Executed As a CopyCat Crime.?

Turban Cowboy
Tampa, (Fl)--- In a actual note, Fox Network showing some sympathy (and to avoid any form of criticism) pulled out completely from the airwaves and the internet the episode of their hit television show Family Guy titled Turban Cowboy due certain controversy in a minor scene where Peter Griffin goes into the Boston Marathon and hits people with his car almost on the finish line but beside that scene there is another one where two bombs in an undisclosed location are detonated and people screaming are heard as a background noise.

The problem with the episode don't rely exclusively on the random act of violence but as many ideas on the narrative of Family Guy, it pokes antisemitism to ethnic groups which at the end are stalling the show potential into a pure pile of racial debauchery that shows how poor the show as well the spin-offs are. The story of Turban Cowboy centers around Peter befriending a Muslim named Mahmoud where at the end Mahmoud is related to a splinter terrorist cell which plans only to destroy and kill "infidels" the episode itself as many others they shouldn't be placed on the air because is not to be political correct but to know that certain impressible individuals can get the worse from the media and place it on the real world.

But did this recent attack as well as the past ones such as the Batman Massacre and the many school shootings are influenced by the media.? On a psychological level, the copycat murders and attacks are influenced by the media at individuals who have a degree of untreated depression and are unattached with reality. There are many works of fiction who had been seen in the real world, the case we are going to mention is different in which people commit suicide and a movie or book takes notes such a Suicide Club a Japanese Gore movie which people die by jumping in a train which is a common method in a Japan as well taking note and feeding reality into suicide pacts.

There are many points that the massacre of the marathon could had an influence on Family Guy as well other sources due the aforementioned reason that as today humanity is becoming less attached with multiple realities and we as individuals are diving into a world of loneliness where our only contact with the outside world are in front of a screen and that it is.