Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Jade was 33 and she died in the hands of the insurgent named Karloff at the side of the Mississippi delta. As a hacker who was fighting against the regime of the Bush who created the downfall by taking the Olympus on the year 2010. Jade as she was known immediately organized a counter underground rebellion to the coup d'├ętat who was orchestrated by Montesquieu Bush who created a military nepotistic regime around the 50 States where members of his family would preserve the power of the dynasty.

The Change It Organization was feared among the military and specially among the fearful elite who saw them as revolutionaries who wanted to overthrown them from the power and there were prosecuted with all the extent of the law because someone who could expose their information and hack into their bank accounts and spread their wealth among the poor was a convicted criminal because of the abuse of power.

Her life ended with a shot from an AK-47 at 1:40 pm of January 31st of 2023 not far away from what it was the city of New Orleans and later became known as the "Wastelands of the Bayou" where also the changers kept their main base of operations due the low influence of the government of the area but that didn't mean they were being prosecuted and persecuted by several groups worldwide who had the goal of claiming the bounty placed by Montesquieu himself.

Karloff just pulled his gun, he surrounded her near the ruins of the French Quarter and after a small struggle and a few exchange of shots Jade laid dead on the flooded streets and as soon he knew she was completely in rigor he took the body and traveled around back to the District Capital where the Montesquieu himself send a message worldwide to the underground revolution that their leader was dead but to his surprise he learned that Jade was only one of the few people who gave their face to the public to inspire a fight against the regime but there was no real leader among the Org.

Distracted about the news he wondered who was the real Jade,? then he realized she was only a 20 something woman who went to the cause because she was bored but that woman never understood that with the power his family and he held among the religious and bank elite there was nothing to do because they controlled everything and the population surrender to their wishes but it was that little moment where Montesquieu received a small tiny message on his cell phone.

We know everything, we will change it, we are the legion and you can't play and fight against the world.

 Then he realized someone was watching him from outside, far away from the gardens of the White House, someone was placing a laser from a gun to his head.