Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Legend of Zelda, the Gods Themselves and Cultural Identity

Skyward Sword Intro Logo
Tampa, (Fl) -- Every culture has their own set of beliefs, being imposed by the winner of a battle or their own autochthonous set that they find a way to preserve over the courses of millenniums.

History is tend to be written by the winners, that is true because you can imagine how the world could be today if the NAZI had won on WW2, probably we wouldn't be able to be communicating between each other and forms of freedom of speech would be banished as they could present a threat to the so called "Empire". A good case today could North Korea where the totalitarian regime has created a deep scar on the folks mind that they won't see themselves as a whole in their cultural identity without the image of the Il-sung family.

Link and Skywing 
On a psychological point of view the sky seems to be the last frontier, the place where humanity can be redeemed from their sins and find salvation that was left behind on the Earthly-plane. Even on science fiction on the Foundation Saga by Asimov at the planet Trantor the upper class lives away from the contamination that the lower class was subjected too and is really similar on the concept of Skyward as the Hylians who transcended the tragedy stricken by the the demon king Demise. The parallelism between Abraham and certain Sanskrit religions where there is a duality between good and evil where the struggle always last for an eternity.

Mount of Olives
In the Christian Eschatology there is the hero which encompass Jesus as well Satan and God; Heaven and Hell and Earth in the middle, much as Skyloft is to Hyrule and Hyrule from Demise (which the concept of Demise is mixed the image of Vajravarahi adn certain elements of the Gothic Period of the devil) and there is the need of salvation which is mere represented by the holy trinity of Link, Zelda and Ganon/Ganondorf. The dichotomy of The Legend of Zelda is based on the convulsed origins as well the polytheistic partheon of Gods and Goddesses that reflects the ideologies of the different provinces.

There is a small concept that follows Buddhism teachings about rencarnation as well the ideas of Link and Zelda reincarnating over the centuries being together for all eternity but Zelda herself being the reincarnation of a Goddess named Hylia expanding the phanteon a little bit more beyond the classical representations of the trinity of the Triforce; Making Link and Zelda demi-Gods themselves among their fellow men.