Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Legacy of Chavez And His Lambs

Tampa, (Fl) -- Is not to be scared of Chavez death, he was just a loon with too much power but the real problematic lays on the legacy of the man. As a charismatic leader not very different from a revival church he knew how to place his ideas on his followers minds as well the individuals with power who saw him as a "godly" figure.

His followers are the problem from day one, because it doesn't matter if the founder dies because his ideas can live for a very long time such an example are North Korea and China (which we are going to talk about their "red" invasion on another upcoming entry,) where their charismatic leaders such as General Mao are still embedded in the people minds. Rafael Correa is one of the many problematics regard the legacy of Hugo Chavez because he saw the dead Venezuelan President as an idol and he is forcing the pseudo-capitalistic views to his own benefits and making the people believe that is OK for their leader to have a good life at their expenses.

The main issue relies what will happen in the next 12 months and what approach the successor of Chavez will do.? Is difficult to aim but probably the best answer relies on the semi-utopic paradise will be exactly the same as Chavez left it.