Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Inequality in the Constitution, A Separation Between of Church and State To Grant Equality to All Men

Marriage Equality, Now
Tampa, (Fl) -- The constitution doesn't represent equality for everyone, not all men are created equal according to the demagoguery of the extreme right promoting an incuion to discriminate based on principles related to the Christian theology that on the very beginning they shouldn't had incursion on the civil right fields as well as politics because the point of view of a few don't represent what and who we are as a Americans.

As Americans we are a pluralistic nation, based on different ideologies, creeds and individuals; there should be a separation of church and state since the very beginning in order that there would equality for everyone who are trying to make this country and is troubled economics and political scenarios better, because at the end we are all Americans and we want the best for the nation that we fight for; so, is unfair that being reprimanded as antinatura according to some accommodated half-way truths based on Christianity to deny the existence of LGTBQ is just a fallacy and an oxymoron that places the constitution as very hypocritical document that don't reflect anything of the warranties it suppose to have.

March 26th of 2013 marks a day that can be decisive for equality as well to place equality on economical principles of taxation as well civil liberties. March 26th will mark the day where the Supreme Court of the United States will mark the hearings of Proposition Eight repeal as well the one for the Defense of Marriage Act (Which thanks to the greed of the political interest of Bill Clinton due to his re-election) who hasn't bring anything positive but more discrimination across the 50 States among the LGTBQ population who through the act are treated as mere second class citizens, not very different from the positions the African population where handled in the 60's.

White Supremacists
The influence of persuasion groups among the masses as well politics had been since immemorial times, where persuasion is executed through the promises of salvation and money or in other words greed can be bigger to motivate one single powerful man into screwing a nation and it has happened several times in the last 10 years of electoral time.

With the days of DOMA counted and people asking for a change, what could happen if the worse happens.? There are so many probable scenarios in which a second "Stonewall riots" and if the best happens where everyone finally is treated with respect, dignity and equality where no one has to be in fear of getting fired by who you are or getting shunned by who you love, where everyone can receive the same opportunities as everyone else, then that will be the moment where the United States will enter a new golden era where the human capital and not the capital market in a stand alone complex is going to be the factor that is going to put this nation again under the international map.