Friday, March 29, 2013

The Host - Movie Review

The Host Theatrical Poster
Tampa, (Fl) -- At plain sight this movie could be a successor of the well known "tween oriented" Twilight as it offers the same formula but in a juxtaposition of Twilight - The Host story line even if is similar it is actually easiest "to digest" than to watch the convoluted plain romance between an old pedophile who is immortal and a hairless werewolf.

As Twilight, The Host is an original novel by Stephanie Meyer who shows not a different face of the writer in order to create fresh material from her formula based on her first work but yet the acting as well the script adaptation make the length of the movie enjoyable to different segments of targeted audiences because beyond any teenager who wants to see a similar movie as Twilight there are also young adults and adults who would love to spend a date together with a movie that won't have to catch their attention beyond enjoying themselves at the theater.

The plot of The Host revolves around a colonization of the Earth taken by a parasitic race of aliens called "Souls" who assimilate through their hosts by an incision of their backs; but, the "Souls" as any other parasitic form who don't execute a symbiotic relationship with their host can not survive without them. There is one of the "Souls" who gets implanted into a girl named Melanie who forms part of a resistance group. The premise of The Host is essentially a journey trough self discovery and individuality though the experience of living but yet due the minimalism and almost vain approach oriented to the younger market the movie as the book could had been more deep within the message and not a tetra romance between an alien trapped in a body developing feelings for a guy who is not the romantic partner of the host whose body she is inhabiting.

The score for this movie is 2 1/2 / 5 stars based on the pace of the script as well the originality that don't diverge from Twilight but is an easy movie to watch on a romantic date.