Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Cultist Mentality and Personality Cult of Corporate Founders

A Very Young Sam Walton
Tampa, (Fl) -- There is not too much of a difference between a politician, a charismatic religious leader as well a corporate founder. Take a look at Steve Job, Sam Walton and Kim Il-Sung, what do they have in common.? A cult of personality that is revered among the corporate culture of the companies they founded as well politics.

It is quite odd to think that juxtapositioning North Korea against Walmart and Apple but is not so odd as the reality is the aforementioned one because on the culture of the companies they try to exude the virtues of their leaders in order to inspire other people. All three of them have visual examples, from Steve Jobs being revered as a genius  Kim Il-Sung as revolutionary and Sam Walton as a people's person. The most basic example that strides my mind is related to Sam Walton where around Walmart even if his dead was almost 20 years ago he is still treated as if he was there and much of the employees on high ranks keep him on high regards similar as Kim Il-Sung was revered among his subordinates when he was alive and controlling North Korea.

As soon you are hired there are subtle messages around the training videos where the employees have to refer to Sam Walton as Mr. Sam as a sign of respect even if there is no one from his family working around the different stores. The basic principle of the cult of personality revolves around the charisma of the leader or the founder where all the virtues of their lives are going to be indoctrinated to the employees and show a more "divine way" of the founder instead of the human side and the flaws the person made while was living.

It is almost insane to think how the corporate sector tries to "put" or plant the glories of a man into the employee sector to probably avoid any misunderstanding when the media appears and starts asking questions but there are always people who are willing to speak the truth about their surrealistic experience where the cult to a person transcends time almost becoming a branded religion and the corporate founder becoming a "messiah."

But why to extol a person to employees.? The reasons can go to control of the micro-population that is hired by the company in order to show that working by the company is the ultimate grace, to keep them happy as if there was no other choices on an economy founded in the principles of market economy where free trade is an option but yet a monopoly seems to be hold as the only option in the twenty first century around the American soil.