Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fox: Americans Need Assault Weapons To Protect Themselves From An Iranian Invasion, Al Qaeda

Tampa, (Fl) -- I can't imagine the agenda behind Fox News in order to place fear in the imagery of the collective specially after last Friday where Fox New's Lou Dobbs agreed with a contributor that Americans need assault weapons to protect themselves from an Iranian invasion. Really Lous.? Assault Weapons from an invasion from a country who has developed a rich biological and nuclear program that as well is in close proximity with North Korea.

Lack of critical analysis from part of these pseudo journalist who dare to emancipate the good name of the people who profess the career without any hidden interest. There is one truth, there is a market that need to be feed based on the paranoia of ignorant people, there is another truth there are people who don't need these kind of verbal diarrhea in order to know there is no need of paranoia in order to have personal protection.

I don't know what goes on the mind of Fox News so called analyst because with today's warfare a full fledged army invasion as it was on the days of the colony is highly not to say improbable to happen because there are always missiles, biological weapons and attacks to strategic places where  one kamikaze can immolate himself in the name of the revolution and at the moment of truth where a gun would be pulled in order to stop the kamikaze is impossible.

“What scares the hell out of me we have a president, as we were discussing during break, that wants to take away our guns, but yet he wants to attack Iran and Syria. So if they come and attack us here, we don’t have the right to bear arms under this Obama administration,” Angela McGlowan, a former lobbyist for News Corp., said in the midst of a conversation about violence in Syria.
Dobbs quickly agreed, adding, “we’re told by Homeland Security that there are already agents of Al Qaeda here working in this country. Why in the world would you not want to make certain that all American citizens were armed and prepared? ”
The panel also falsely argued that widespread gun ownership in Israel has helped prevent terrorist attacks, though access to firearms is strictly limited to people who “can prove their professions or places of residence put them in danger.” Approximately “170,000 guns are licensed for private use in Israel,” while assault weapons are “banned for private ownership.”