Monday, February 25, 2013

Will the Successor of Benedict XVI Break the Conservator Path of the Church.?

Who will Succeed the 265 Pope.?
Tampa, (Fl) -- Thinking that the successor of Pope Benedict XVI will reform the inner-politics of the church into a more inclusive church that will open more to people.? The answer is probably no as a the idea of a reformation between the church walls is highly improbably as the list of Cardinals that are the potential successors of Joseph Ratzinger follow his same vein in objectivism regard the doctrines and future of the church; but one of the possible candidates is the Cardinal Timothy Dolan due the influence of the 11th Cardinals of the United States on the next election.

Having an American Pope is actually an impossible idea due the influence of Italians on the college but overall the major inconvenience is the geopolitical ground where in the dirty game of politics and religion, the American foreign and national policies interfere with the stricter interest of the Catholic Church from the different wars to equality in human rights; but the idea of an American Pope goes into the next problematic where relies on the ideological schism where the church is loosing members even if globally goes around 1.2 billion the members had decimated due the genesis of new churches around the world that goes from the charismatic movements as well churches that people see as ideological centers that are more akin to their personal beliefs about the social changes in the world; taking spiritually into a more personal field where inclusion of different people that can give beyond obedience and more to the community they belong.

The other main problem with the secession of Ratzinger is the public image of the church as whole; starting from the motto where in the self-proclamation they proclaim to be the only one with the universal truth, while the world knows there is no universal truth beyond the mortality of mankind. What will the successor will do to attract the attention of new parish in a world where people are watching the contradictions expressed through the Vatican and from the priests who travel around the most impoverished regions.? Maybe Ratzinger realized his own mortality at the very end and even being the "face" of the ideological council of the Vatican he couldn't keep it anymore and opted to live in silence but still at the end much beyond what if God made man to himself, is what men are creating their own Gods to reflect their own weaknesses.