Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Trend of Recording Student Fights Keeps Rising in Infamy

Calvin A. Hunsinger School; Clearwater (Fl)
Clearwater, Fla --- The Calvin A. Hunsinger School joins the almost "infinite" list of schools where students are creating their own infamy by recording and uploading videos of their school fights to the different social medias, just to gain status.

A few days ago, at the aforementioned school an unnamed female student grabbed a fellow female student that media have identified as Vanessa Chauvin; was thrown in the floor after being attacked, leading her to the hospital due the gravity of the injuries.

The stress turned for worse for Vanessa as when she saw the attack posted on Facebook didn't made her happy "It's me, and I don't want people seeing me get beat up," she said. "I thought I was going to die because she was punching me so hard." The cyber-bullying has turned into a major problem because with the easy access of information to possible perpetrators where their victims live and about their whereabouts, but as in the case of Vanessa where she is getting life threats, the best situation could be relocation and go with the police as well getting a lawyer that will place the school on check as also the parents of the bullies.

For Florida's General Attorney Pam Bondi, her statement on educational policies in order to protect the different student bodies is simple as she takes cyber-bullying very seriously and when the students don't pay attention the federal government it is. The solution of finding an end to bullying is almost impossible because it goes on the essence of being human and trying to dominate and being the alpha over a large group but we can teach kids and teens than being violent while we try to ordinate that through dialogue is the best answer to a major problem, but what to do when there are sensitive information and lack of parental control.?

The answer could lay on government control regard parental rights as to see if the children are receiving the adequate attention to discern what is between good and wrong regard the standards of the social contract we establish as society; albeit the problem of bullying is only on segment of the big ice-berg that people don't realize when they sign on the internet, and the main problem is that ego collides with ignorance regard the use of technology and the consequences.