Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Problem with America's Got Talent, Youtubers, Andre Vasary and How The European Versions are Showing The Trends of Americans as Under-educated Regard Arts

http://5election.com Andre Vasary
Tampa, Fl -- There are many elements of the so called American Culture that make the two words a complete oxymoron because on so many States where education is underrated as well the lack of funds of many presidential administrations leave much of the Americans complete blank regard arts, culture and politics on international and national levels. People love entertainment that is light and that won't let them use any a priori form of rational thinking at the moment of executing any appreciation judgment to value the product. Probably that's the reason America on international grounds is observe as a place where big cars who explode create more entertainment than going to a museum or realities have more prevalence than a documentary or a culture show, i.e Swamp People, Honey Boo Boo any show with the word Wars which there are no wars with the exception of a egotistical and ignorant group of people who fight for memorabilia or a box of poop and then one of the biggest exponents America's Got Talent which can be used as a micro-cosmos to put on the line the taste of the people (I won't deny I watch America's and Britain's got Talent as every now in a blue moon there is an act that is worth watching.)

The format of America's Got Talent as well the different spun-offs as The Voice and X-Factor don't offer too much of anything, forgettable acts that disappear after only one season in their vast majority because the trick is to find someone appealing that will boost the rating and that is it; even Susan Boyle is not exempted of this because after a few years the "Susan-Mania" is gone, but little acts around the globe left a really impression and they had used the social media to push their art and in some cases is the social media users that made them stars around the globe. Andre Vasary is an Hungarian Falsetto that in 2009 he participated in the Got Talent version of Hungary and his version of the song that many fans of the 5th Element dub Diva Dance  and his video went viral because a man singing in a perfect high pitch is hard to find.

Yet in America on 2009 a country singer that got forgotten fast and the same case on 2010 where another country singer won and also was forgotten but a wee classical crossover named Jackie Evancho was presented to the world; yes if we are going to define as Americana as a culture composed by the country genre and not even the one that is appealing mixed with bubblegum pop and a lot of realities we have a major problem that the concentration of human expression is not reaching any new heights but only staling around a sandbox filled with quicksand.