Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Expansion of the Bolivarianism: An Ideological Victory to Hugo Chavez in the Hands of Rafael Correa and Why The People Will Lose More Liberties

Rafael Correa
Tampa, (Fl) -- As one politologist I knew around 8 years he said The populist movement started by Hugo Chavez will expand and it will be cyclical, people will buy it and people will see it as the absolute truth and no country in the America's will be save, not even the United States.

He was right, even in the United States the leftist right-winger movement of the Tea Party had inspired an anti-nationalistic sentiment to keep the country pure. In Ecuador the election are today 2/17/2013 and on an uncunstitional move, Rafael Correa is projected to win a third consecutive term planting the seeds of what is happening in Venezuela, creating a dictatorship who will put the country to the ruins.

If his opponent Guillermo Lasso, the former president of the Banco de Guayaquil, win, it will be a miracle as so far he trailed Correa by more than 20 points of all the seven opposite candidates. Correa, 48, who first won re-election in April 2009 after voters approved a constitutional rewrite that mandated a new ballot and he would be legally barred from running again following a victory Sunday. 

The base of Correa's platform is to increase tax revenue and social services (technically leaving the people to fend on the government) while Lasso promised a friendlier foreign investment as well to lower the taxes on job creating companies which are the opposition against the failing Correa "21st Century Socialism". The problem of Correa is that he champions the vision of ailing President Hugo Chavez, placing the government on a pedestal that there is an utopic socialist paradise where in reality there has been no more than mayor infrastructures problems on a national level as creating fake statistic to hide the "laundry of contracts" that are making him and his people richer.

Beside that, there is no freedom of Speech in Ecuador because Correa has been trying to silence journalism as well as bloggers as well the opposition. "Oil prices that have been hovering around $100 a barrel have been a blessing for Correa. Petroleum accounts for more than half Ecuador's export earnings and have allowed it to lead the region in 2011 in public spending as a portion of gross domestic product at 11.1 percent, according to the United Nations."