Saturday, February 23, 2013

Technology Vs. Street Wise Methods to Solve Crimes

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Tampa, (Fl) -- Reading the Tampa Tribune edition of 2/23/2013 there was a little article about how the Hillsborough County Sheriff Department has found an "old" new way to combat cyber crimes and is not through the use of high technologies but rather by using their wits and going back to the streets and find the information as every investigator should do.

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One method in the city to catch drug dealers is the classical method to go undercover and the same method is working to catch another type of criminals, the ones who trade personal information and tax frauds.

It seems there is a ring around Tampa Bay where sensitive information is traded to the best better and according to the newspaper a woman named Amanda Hunter, 29, was arrested after an investigation about a purchase of two set of social securities, birth certificate according to Corporal Bruce Crumpler where the detained used public libraries computers to get the information she traded.

There is a small loop on the local and national jurisdiction regard the use of public property such as computers to vulnerate the information and commit a crime, because there is no enforcement and not even a filter to prevent or block any access to visitors from accessing undesirable applications. Yet the criminal in question had other charges regard drug paraphernalia which those charges add to the sentence but technically not much to the fraud.