Thursday, February 14, 2013

Raspberry Pi: An Amazing Solution to Create Internet and Technological Access for the Educational and Marginal People

Raspberry Pi - Mother Board
Tampa, (Fl) -- The technological revolution has to be affordable and to be reachable to people's hands under a really good price and the idea of the Raspberry Pi Foundation with their Raspberry Pi model A computer.

The Raspberry Pi started in Eben Upton in the United Kingdom and it's the idea turned reality of Eben Upton who dreamed of building a computer accessible to anyone. The computer itself is tiny and it only has the basics; it's roughly the size of a credit card and don't even have a case because is not necessary due the compact size.

The idea of such an affordable computer could create a revolution around the educational system as well "third world countries" whose population as well public bodies could benefit from accessing to the inter-webs and getting communication with the world but not even the internet create a communication benefit, this computer can also help to save cost and improve education on schools as students can learn new skills with the computers.

The Model A is the slimmed down version of the Model B that was launched on early 2012, which both share characteristics that let the Foundation to sell the computer for a US$25 price; the computer characteristics are, no Ethernet connection, a reduction of the on-board memory as well minimizing the USB ports to only one.

In such a short amount of time, the Raspberry Pi has amassed a devout cult of followers of programmers and enthusiasts who have taken the technology to create small home-made video-games type similar to the Super Nintendo ones. The Model A is currently rolling out in Europe, but a U.S. release date hasn't been set.