Friday, February 8, 2013

Knytt Underground Game Review

Knytt Underground

Tampa, Fl -- Knytt Underground is a little masterpiece of indie developer Nicklas Nygren who specializes in creating platforms game where the mixes of visual arts as well innovative gameplay mechanics where the player would be able the player to explore the vast world without loosing any minimal aspect of the rich narrative but it's the narrative itself that creates a minor inconvenience with the ending as is a little disappointing for the players who dedicated some time and effort with the game.

The graphics of the game are sad and beautiful because with the juxtaposition of the monochromatic pallet that is placed on the first plane versus the rich and colorful backgrounds create a sensation a of melancholia that submerges the player into a world filled with oblivion. The gameplay itself is fantastic and with the minimalism approach on the use of the characters Nicklas gives to the player a really unique experience.

The story of the game revolves around a sprite named Mi Sprocket who is chosen to undergo a quest to ring six bells in order to save her subterranean world. The player will meet atypical and interesting characters through the journey of the vast of the world. The game use "real world" physics dynamics as the player have to use Mi's special ability into turning the sprite into a bouncing ball and use the momentum to propel Mi's into new heights. Exploring every aspect of the map is a hard but they are not difficult to achieve albeit they will give to the player a "feel good" sensation as they are sometimes obvious only to be solved by the most simple critical thinking.

As many exploration games such as Metroid the player has to move back and forward to find the objectives and every single piece that can help Mi's quest to be achieved. In the ending the creator can be seen and a brief yet clever explanation of the game is found but it don't satisfy completely the vast objectives that had to where performed, still the game can be charming and interesting to play but don't expect to find a rewarding element at the conclusion of the adventure.