Friday, February 15, 2013

Is Apple Inc. Loosing their Touch.? iPhone5 Sales are Sliding Down

Tampa, (Fl) -- According to analyst financial services Jefferies & Co Peter Misek, financial analyst Peter Misek expressed that the sales of the Iphone 5 are decreasing at a faster rate than it was a expected.

But Misek also added that in the time lapse that Apple's iPhone was launched to the present year the company has cut their phone production from 40 million to 30 million. But, what is with the move,? Is simple the production cut could be a platform to introduce in a not far near future the iPhone5S.

There is an speculation that the next iPhone could arrive on summer 2014, but the speculation don't involve only on when is coming the next one but also what colors the phone is going to have as well a more "cheaper" version of the iPhone that would be sold for around US$300.

Apple fans have as always have expectations about the upcoming products from the once innovating company as Apple have to raise their standards and lower their prices because the competition such as Samsung is gaining a segment with the consumers market.

Tim Cook
On 2/14/2013, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook commented that the iPhone6 could feature OLED or Organic Light Emitting Diobes technology; but on one speculation from Misek, he believes that the current delay of the iPhone is the Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide technology which would let the company to replace the amorphous silicon for the layers of the LCD screen (in other words it would save some cost to create a better resolution for the screens and a better time of reaction.)

On a marketing approach Apple's always keep their innovations and inventions on a low level, leaving fans to speculation on what would happen next but to the people who don't have enough money they have to realize much to their dismay that the iPhone5 will remain at their current price but they can rejoice as Tim Cook also announced that Macbook laptops will be price reduced as an effort to inspire an interest in the sales of Mac computers.