Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If France Pass on First Instance the Same Sex Marriage Bill, the United States Can Do It Too

Tampa, Fl -- A message to much of the Americans who believe the apocalypse will approach Earth and kill mankind if "gay marriage" or marriage equality is approved or that there are most important issues than equality among all the people thus making the constitution more accurate that all men and women are created equally; well guess what Americans who see the end coming through civil rights,? France Lower House of the Parliament approved on Tuesday the bill to legalize marriage equality by a landslide and handing a major legislative victory to President Hollande social issues, and guess what people the world and the civilization are still here.

The measure that was approved in the National Assembly over a margin of 329:229 votes had placed France on the tracks to join almost a dozen of other European nations that allow marriage equality, even placing a moral defeat to the opposition that was encompassed by the Archdiocese of France. Poll show that most of the French population are supporting the legalization of marriage equality but they are divided between the ideas of conception and adoption toward same gender couples.

Countries around the European Union such as Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain; Argentina from Latin America (Colombia is on the process of joining the list); Canada and South Africa have ruled in favor of the legalization as well six States in the United States, but yet not on a national level. The problem in the United States lays in the mentality of the majority who can only think beyond what happens around the cul-de-sacs and not around the world, the country and how they can create a difference to create  a change in the country.

Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrult expressed by granting equality the institution of marriage is enforced as well the law is going to extend to all families the protections guaranteed by the institution of marriage. Conservative opponents forced a discussion of 5,000 amendments but the final vote tally, the government solemn statements of victory.