Saturday, February 2, 2013

Deglossing the Prograganda in FOX News Speech

Tampa, Fl -- The only good thing Fox Corporation has in their line-up are the animated cartoons on Sunday nights, the propaganda in Fox News regard the interest of Rupert Murdoch to glorify the Republican failures in order to keep is power over the monopoly of communications.

The O'Reilly Factor shows a mere shadow on how the channel executives are willing to distort the different truth that are happening in one country to adjust them to the monetary interest of the channel, and every time in the show that someone who dares to defy their and his point of view regard what is happening in the country they are humiliated by a man that has no clue of what is happening around the United States and the world justifying that the butchering of Irak through the curtain of Operation Iraki Freedom was justified when there were monetary interest into what around is known the "petro-dolars."

The problem with their "kind of journalism" as many people are aware is that they are biased and every opponent of their politics are going to be called anti-Americans or traitors because they can't realize there are more point of views regard the conservator point of view that going to a war is OK when the interest aren't explored completely beyond the theoretic rhetoric that we are the liberators and the chosen people of God to free the world of evil.

Irak is still under a religious regime, the U.S. Democracy is taking new steps into finally accepting equal rights but the true false statements that the country is going down and under as Obama is on the power are completely incorrect because after the Busch Administration ended their reign and Republicans lose control over the national politic scenario such as in the Congress and the House and they are losing power with the Supreme's suddenly there is a light at the end of the tunnel but through their punditry and the use of their pseudo experts to explain to a public who don't read beyond one or two paragraphs about international and national politics, social issues an economics then there is nothing to explain because they are getting their niche based on an ignorant group of people.

Education can save people more than a gun or a riffle, local and regional governments should know that; same as every news channel but is difficult that this happen and not because of the government itself as there are opportunities to keep improving the population knowledge but it never going to happen as a whole because people in general go for easy solutions and that is an scenario that the punditry media knows how to exploit for their own benefit and the benefits of their patrons who have political interests.

Fox News as is well known betrays every single point on the ethos code of the mass communication by using the ignorance to create mass hysteria through the message of the day and their selective use of statistic that can't be corroborated by any known well source such as the National Bureau of Statistic, but they do it anyway and they are in the air because of the power of Rupert Murdoch and nothing else. They used the same speech for Kerry as the used the one for Obama, the called both men socialist and blamed then about the downhill in the economy because their plans were unfit and in a twist of turns of their demagogue Obama is on the White House as well the Democrats and they have proven to be a more positive solution than the previous administration because there has been an investment in the people and not a few particular ones.