Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Sun Flower for Every Day We Couldn't See Each Other

By: Gus Calvo

Every day that we are away I'll compensate it by giving you a flower,
every day that we were on different schedules,
I will cook for you and give you kisses;
You will never get from me a cheap card
or a rose without any meaning,
instead I will plant a field of sunflowers and I will see you smile for the time we were apart,
I am a poor man,
Who had been through hell and heavens but always survived because I have you.

All I ask from you beyond Saint Valentine is to keep loving me the way you only do,
whenever you make me smile,
or hug me at night, I couldn't ask for anything more,
that's one of the many reason I would plant a field of sunflowers only to see you smile,
I haven't been easy,
the shadows are finally stopping the chase and the demons who once haunted my dreams
are being buried 10 feet deep;
For everyday of our lives I will cook for you, do the laundry, and make you smile,
I can't promise heavens on Earth but with simple words I will promise I will make you smile until we are atoms roaming freely the skies.