Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Touch me as A Diamond in the Ski

By: Gustavo Calvo

We found love in a hopeless place;
where no one else was believing in us,
there we found ourselves,
our hands were touching as the mall security passed by,
it wasn't a big deal,
and we heard the waterfall going down
as I feel so close to you right now;
Nobody really cared
as your shadow crossed mine,
while I wanted to feel you inside,
we just let it go,
I can't say I love you anymore,
some say people can't change;
the only way is try because otherwise we probably would made the biggest mistake in our lives;
I saw the tears in our your eyes,
it doesn't matter if people know,
because we didn't push love away,
we watched our wholes lives
and we realized how we found love in a hopeless place.

We found us at a moment,
there were people who we said goodbye
so we could be with each other,
tears were unfold as a cosmic blanket,
yet you touched me as a diamond who roams the sky,
it wasn't late to love,
on those endless night you made me paralyze
when our shadows seduced on the sunset;
if happy ever after didn't exist,
if all the fairy tales weren't real,
do we were still listening to this stupid song
while we burn every night
as you make me paralyzed.