Sunday, January 27, 2013

Through the Looking Glass of the Tea Party and the Wonderland of the FARC

Tampa, Fl -- Life in the political spectrum is not very different from the point of view of the Queen of Hearts where everyone who dared to defy her view would be sentence to death; that analogy is not very different from today point of views with the American political spectrum where the invasion of the Tea Party to the politics field had shown that fiction could be as equally powerful as reality because the apartheid ideas, mixed with political fantasism keeping the country in a status quo to benefit only a few corporations and not the people, and who dares to defy the fantasy are not far away from the comparing the party within the Queen of Hearts of Wonderland where she wanted to keep the status-quo of her hegemony as big companies sponsor the Tea Party in order to keep their power around, but what when the party itself promotes violence in order to keep some companies as gun companies on the public eye, or discrimination against minorities and immigrants.? Then the Wonderland turns into a guerila warfare group much as the FARC.

Tea Party Caucus Protest
The problematic with the Tea Party is the invasion it had over the last few years over the national views on conservatism but even if the most "red" conservator could start analyzing the party speech there is not a big difference between an insurgent group who wants to do social cleansing and the Tea Party even if they say that they advocate for fiscal responsibility, their point of views are mostly associated with views on how to turn the country into a sick version of the 1950's where there was no free will to fight against anything because as the Queen of Hearts they will punish the opposition.

The FARC and the Tea Party have similar backgrounds on their formation as both groups started to fight against the government and eventually both groups evolved into the paramilitary movements they are today but one of those groups actually started to fight the corruption in the government as it was a military regime in the 1950's but eventually lost the way that it was formed and we are not referring to the Tea Party, because the Tea Party never had a path that the members were defending beyond attacking minorities and placing their ideas as the only ones.

 The biggest problem that can be foreseen within the Tea Party ranks are that through scare tactics they are implementing the idea that citizens should arm and by default they are forming their own little army in the country with most weapons in the world under the pretense that the Second Amendment will be violated as nobody won't be able to have weapons anymore, there are two mistakes under their fallacy and the first one is Americans are also the most traditionalistic society worldwide besides Japan there won't be a ban on guns but there should be a control that won't let individuals have a certain number and type on their possessions and they should pass a rigorous psicological test to assure that people won't repeat the mistakes of the past but yet everyone is capable of doing harm, so what to do.? America is one of the few societies that says that is OK to have guns in the Constitution but yet with today's modern warfare guns won't protect no one from a treat or will be the answer to any problem but they can be the beginning to repeat the same mistake that happened in Colombia on the 1950's.

Michelle Bachmann
Maybe we as people, as folks we are going to a path that can divide or unite us but we have to start thinking beyond any economical interest and think beyond the market economy that this country was founded within, maybe we as people we should start thinking about how to improve the community and stop giving more importance to corporations because the workforce, they key were improvement lays are withing us ourselves and not a few powerful families or groups that will dictate the strings of our lives because who knows maybe at the end the "Red Queen" will be dominating the people as there won't be any "Alice's" to defend the people from the fantasy.