Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Repercussion of Being Pat Brady in Illinois

Pat Brady
Tampa, Fl --Never judge a man or a woman through their political affiliation as they probably would represent not the whole component of their party and they could have ideas that differ not exactly with the chore principles but with the policies that are adapted through convenience.

Probably Pat Brady made a bold statement and also an oxymoron saying that he supports equal marriage but as a civilian, so if as a civilian he supports equal rights, then as as politician he should too, but saying you support equal marriage in a State as Illinois where the population is divided between south being the conservatives and the northern being the democrats but yet when you are in the Republican Party it is much of a social suicide to think different from your peers.

Being the chairman of the Republican Party in Illinois, and facing all the negative propaganda that has been attracted due his opinion thanks to the red press as well social conservative commentators that he should quit due the reason he don't represent the ideals of the Republican Party because he supports gay marriage. 

“If people want to throw me out because I took a stand on an issue of discrimination [as] the chairman of the Republican Party, the party founded by Abraham Lincoln, then that’s – that’s up to them and they’re free to do it,” Brady said. “But I’m not backing down.”

There had been a number of calls for Brady's resignation after he released a statement saying that the State should legalize same-sex marriages because marriage honors the best conservative principles as it strengthens the families and reinforces a key Republican value - that the law should threat all citizens equally, as he told the Chicago Sun-Times; so if there is really equality why there still fanaticism about the word equality,? around the party. 
“I was shocked,” state Sen. Jim Oberweis, who has asked Brady to resign, told WBEZ. “Very surprised. Did not expect that and didn’t know why he would have done that.” You shouldn't quit or resign just for supporting basic human rights, which is ridicule how many members are reacting but guessing that much of the people who are asking to resign believe that is OK to be in the 1950's
WBEZ reports that Oberweis isn’t the only one:
“I can only express my disappointment in the way this has come about and the manner in which the Republican platform of Illinois has been completely disregarded,” said committeeman Gene Dawson, from northwest suburban Barrington, as he read from the resignation request he emailed to Brady.
In Illinois, a party chairman can be fired with a three-fifths majority of the weighted vote from state party committeemen. Each vote is weighted differently, based on how many people cast ballots in a committeeman’s congressional district in last spring’s primary. Four committeemen told WBEZ they asked Brady to resign, representing nearly half of the votes needed to boot him out. (Four others stopped short of calling for a resignation, while the remaining ten either declined to comment or didn’t respond to interview requests.)