Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Cancer of Venezuela

Tampa, Fl -- The world is with Chavez is what the photo say in Spanish, The world is not with Chavez and it would be better as no one has plunged a country with such vast economical potential into the oblivion as the actions of one megalomaniac with delirium of grandeur. I always remember the photos of my father and his stories when he traveled several times over two and half decades to Venezuela and how the negative change that one man and his party impacted over the country creating a paranoid state similar as North Korea and their beloved leader or in terms of popular culture Big Brother.

Hugo Chavez is no more than an icon of the Orwellian literature, a man who became a god among his fellow men and did what he wanted. From every story there are two sides but there is also a third perspective and that is to go to the country in question and see the damage with your own eyes. His supporters see him as a hero, a man who defied Capitalism but as the Pope both men love the money as no one else as well the good life while people around them have to surrender their wealth.

This is an article of Eduardo Galeano, to who are not aware please click on the link and there is a small biography thanks to Wikipedia and also he is one man who support the regime of Bolivarianism that was instaured by Hugo Chavez and that is no different from the totalitarian regimes:


Eduardo Galeano – Hugo Chávez es un demonio. ¿Por qué? Porque alfabetizó a 2 millones de venezolanos que no sabían leer ni escribir, aunque vivían en un país que tiene la riqueza natural más importante del mundo, que es el petróleo. Yo viví en ese país algunos años y conocí muy bien lo que era. La llaman la "Venezuela Saudita" por el petróleo. Tenían 2 millones de niños que no podían ir a las escuelas porque no tenían documentos. Ahí llegó un gobierno, ese gobierno diabólico, demoníaco, que hace cosas elementales, como decir "Los niños deben ser aceptados en las escuelas con o sin documentos". Y ahí se cayó el mundo: eso es una prueba de que Chávez es un malvado malvadísimo. Ya que tiene esa riqueza, y gracias a que por la guerra de Iraq el petróleo se cotiza muy alto, él quiere aprovechar eso con fines solidarios. Quiere ayudar a los países suramericanos, principalmente Cuba. Cuba manda médicos, él paga con petróleo. Pero esos médicos también fueron fuente de escándalos. Están diciendo que los médicos venezolanos estaban furiosos por la presencia de esos intrusos trabajando en esos barrios pobres. En la época en que yo vivía allá como corresponsal de Prensa Latina, nunca vi un médico. Ahora sí hay médicos. La presencia de los médicos cubanos es otra evidencia de que Chávez está en la Tierra de visita, porque pertenece al infierno. Entonces, cuando se lee las noticias, se debe traducir todo. El demonismo tiene ese origen, para justificar la máquina diabólica de la muerte." 
Eduardo Galeano
The article point is to express that Chavez is an altruistic individual that educated 2 million people and open education to everyone but the problematic with his altruism relied that people saw him as a devil; now the real life problem goes that Chavez appropriated everything that he could for his own sake and for his followers, schools aren't the best, teachers don't have anything as didactic material, hospitals are low on medicines and you see the poverty outside in every corner with the exception of the government official precincts. The dichotomy is not if Chavez is evil, he is just a greedy man who had exploded the ignorance of the Venezuelan for his own benefit and his people are completely bedazzled by his spell and is one side that his supporter who don't live under his wing speak wonder but they won't go and live in Venezuela because they know they are going to be at the mercy of God as there are no man laws that will prevail beyond what Chavez has in his mind for that day.

The damage that Chavez has caused and his lifestyle had reflected into his slowly demise, where his people want their beloved leader to stay as long as they can in order to not lose the icon, but at what price.? Populism doesn't work and knowing the reflection of the trends it will be sooner or later when the ideology is spread around the Americas completely.