Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rafael Correa through the words of his Brother Fabricio (Video)

Rafael Correa
Tampa, Fl -- If your own blood is against you then you have to start reconsidering your life, but if you are on the world of politics then you have to think twice because if your family says to the media as well the independent journalists your private life and how you lie to the people then is time to rethink your strategy because the public image you have would be destroyed if people reacts that you as a politician are just a liar.

The man in the video below is the brother of the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, his name is Fabricio and to who don't understand the language because the video is in Spanish, what he says is that his brother Rafael became insane with the power he achieved as being president and associating himself with the Hugo Chavez movement. To whoever don't live in Ecuador or Venezuela, they have to be think that the social and economical situation is not the best one as there are inequalities in social stratus.

According to some sources who are still fighting regard the freedom of speech in Ecuador and that the government of that country classified them as terrorist as well the FBI but you can't be one when you are fighting for the freedom of speech and Rafael Correa is currently trying to execute the same strategy as Hugo Chavez into silence the media and that is unfair to the people as it becomes the first sign that the government is corrupted.