Thursday, January 31, 2013

LGTB culture, Gay Days and Disney Through History

It is hard for some people to imagine Disney World and every single product of the Disney Corporation as something different beyond being family oriented but the truth is far away from reality because not many people can see the different iconic messages through the movies and also how the company never opposed to the independent celebration of Gay Days that happens around the middle months of the years even if some critics express that the company don't reject their different public really easy because of the money the real deal goes that Disney has a history with the LGTBQ culture since the early days of the company almost 85 years ago.

The three Caballeros
The Three Caballeros on 1944 was one or even so the first Disney-movie that show a gender bending prototype of the type of camp humor that has attracted over the decades countless of followers of the movies. Some people could interpret the play on gender as part of the comedy that help the characters to create dynamics but yet why there weren't as many female leads,? that is a question that could be ask to the writers of the movies.

The story goes on and on from Lumiere and Cogsworth; from the Genie in Aladdin and the most famous couple Timon and Pumba that some fanatics interpret the relation between the two characters as a prototype of LGTB parenting on modern cinema as the two men raised Simba from childhood to adulthood.

Jookiba and Pleakley
Lilo and Stitch continued also with the idea of LGTB couples such as Dr. Jookiba and Wendy Pleakly who are just another example beyond the Lion King and both also are male but Pleakley also goes on different disguises and are essentially female which could be the first and possible transexual character in Disney history so maybe the company don't really discriminate to the population because their movies show more than meets the eye.