Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gaming Site Review: Quick Gamer

Tampa, Fl -- What is fantastic about Quick Gamer is that it offers to the players of the stand-alone games that make use of the different platforms such as social media and cellphones real tips and hints on how to improve their scores and scenarios on the real time games. There is no really a negative opinion toward the site as it follows the three simple rules of gaming explanation which are being precise, being clear and giving visual aid to the players who seek assistance on their gaming.

Megapolis by Social Quantum
But what are these kind of games everyone is talking about for quite a while now.? The answer is simple, the stand-alone games are games that can be played either online or offline depending on the platform, the boom of these games appeared with the collaboration between Zynga and Facebook where the idea of social games attracted around 300 million monthly users and the games had crossed onto different platforms such as iPads, smart phones and other portable devices where instead of the playing accessing their Facebook account the games syncs them leaving the player to use the offline option and later sync the progress to their social media accounts.

Village Life
Quick Gamer is divided into four options on the menu bar which consists on the section of Home and the four games that are reviewed which are Coasterville, Marketland, Megapolis and Village Life. Each section is divided with the technical details of the game as well with the updates on the different parts of the walk-through as well the different hints and information charts regard the acquisition of materials. The website is extremely easy to navigate and to travel around to find the information the player needs in order to achieve victory with the games.