Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Coulter, Guns and Minorities


Tampa, Fl -- Whenever you think that Ann Coulter won't say something drastic just think again, because on last Monday's Hannity, the so called social conservative commentator and SNL frequent joke made a jawdropping claim that is totally without any concrete evidence and keeps showing the red side the media like to nourish.

Where did she get her statistic.? Why she said that gun crimes are on a radius of 3:40 between the countries.? Overall why this woman keeps being treated as if she is smart enough to appear on television and say her biased point of views all the time.? Is difficult to know but if she is one of the wild cards the conservators have to defend their points of view they are loosing any battle regarding politics and contemporary social issues.

Is a miracle to think that this woman haven't serve jail time for defamation and attacking everyone who don't fit on her little world such as making the remark to  "Let's get more Colin Fergusons and whoever the guy was who shot up Fort Hood. Why are they coming in to begin with?"  "If you compare white populations, we have the same murder rate as Belgium," Coulter said. "So perhaps it's not a gun problem, it is a demographic problem, which liberals are the ones pushing, pushing, pushing." The problem aren't the liberals, the problem aren't the guns, the problem are the weak laws that permit anyone, the Brady Bill and the Firearms Owners Protection are still weak, because anyone under the right circumstances can get a gun and the problem are not the guns but the people who aren't well balanced enough, but does make me a traitor to say that is not OK to have guns.? No, It doesn't make me a traitor, because my affirmation would be on the same level of speech of Ann Coulter and thus the first amendment of the constitution but at the same time knowing the social and cultural context of the 21st, there should be a psychological profile to determine if the purchasers have a good mental but the problem don't rely on the people who buy them only but if there is someone else in their residences who will have access to the weapons.?

The attitude with this problem is not to be racist as Ms. Coulter because anyone have the duality to do harm under the proper circumstances without consideration of your ethic background and to think that a gun is only one of many ways to hurt people, the problem is that guns had become one of the most preferable methods by sociopaths to execute their plans; but the words of Miss Coulter take more than one direction where she goes to say that banning gun magazines would not stop public shootings; depending on the context her last words are analyzed is true with the influence of the media the weakest mind will go on and believe a fiction is a reality but also banning a thing wouldn't ever stop someone to using because we look two cases on the 1920's the Great Prohibition showed how much people would abuse alcohol and of today the situation is for cannabinoids.

The situation the Congress and the House should analyze are the points that they have to restriction that would make people hesitate to buy one; and shops, and sellers would have to face a similar scenario that tobacco companies  where anything they do, or any product they are involved they would receive a fine or a sanction that would put them on the public scrutiny.

But for the words of Miss Coulter regarding an ethnic compassion between the crime rates.? It would be good if she finds a way to apologize because what she is doing is also a form of crime that revolves around xenophobia levels which is no different from grabbing a gun and start shooting people.