Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Stories I Told you While you Lay there Sleeping

There are moments that a parent always avoid telling his child when he is awake, but there are moments that the child would tell the love of his life, while he or she is asleep peacefully about those lessons that you feel proud that you grow up together.

There is an old quote that says, never get angry with the person you share a bed with - because you share with that person your dreams as well your nightmares. People seem to fail understanding that, by mere observation there are men due the reason of being men and by the culture who has strings with machismo they grew up they will always see a woman as a mere sex object and their wives or companions as mere decorations where they will have the freedom to look and feel a morbid libido to other people and thus looking as simple pathetic losers - a series of conversations with some straight men, who have nothing better to talk about beyond football or why that woman has a big booty - is not genetic but is a behavior that can get corrected because it shows how weak the individuals are.

I wish my parents told me that a relationship is what you cultivate with someone else instead of just looking at someone who you can bitter to or simple get annoyed. Always smile to see the other person when you wake up because life is short and the grim reaper is always a reality; value who you share your life with, value your friends, because they are a treasure that money or any currency can't buy, value who you have a really good conversation even if you two are different because friendships comes without any pretension, which is true, you can joke about anything without feeling worried. That's the kind of friendship people outside of the room I am telling you all of these while you sleep don't value, it's probably one of the reason I see you smile when we wake up.

You always grow a little bit more and learn how to relate to other persons when you are in a relationship; things change, you are not the same person you where even if is a simple rule of life some people really don't get it. I still see high school friends who even if they have kids they still act essentially the same as 15 years ago. People maybe are scared of changes, but being brave pays more than being in fear because fear don't led to anything. I am always happy for seeing you everyday because of that reason.

Life ain't easy, I know that you are knowing that too on a new level, expanding your perspectives as I did mine almost five years ago regard what is to live outside the comfort zone and face the world in order to find happiness  except much of the time I don't really say anything out loud, I just whisper to your ears the Stories I told you while you lay there sleeping.