Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Proselytization in the Media: Nourishing a Tragedy

Sandy Hook Elementary
Tampa, Fl -- There are two factors that are sad about the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy, the first one are the many deaths related to shooting and the second are the multiple people who are using the tragedy to proselytize and to lobby for new politics.

The main issue with the situation are the gun control and the gun freedom, it put on the fabric of the doubt, why the constitution hasn't been altered in order to ensure that after the revolutionary wars the people wouldn't claim is OK to have them, but creating an amendment would prevent tragedies.? The answer is no, because for every prohibition there is a black market where you can find items really cheap if you know where to find them.? Do prohibiting guns will stop the next massacre.? No because you can actually find the ingredients of a Molotov Cocktail by just going to the hardware store as you can find all you need to make meth if you go to a supermarket but there one point of the situation that can help the general public fears which is that media should be more responsible at the moment of giving news and not sensationalizing the tragedy.

Peoples' minds are quite fragile and channels as FOX NEWS even if there is free speech they should stop their mindless propaganda of fear because it's making no help; so as with every major news corporation who are focusing on the tragedy and giving more attention to the detail of the killings instead of finding any sources  related to any possible solutions to minimize the violent strikes around the country or if there is any individuals who are trying to cope with a positive impact to create a difference.? Maybe the media itself should adapt to the Japanese model where is almost forbidden to show images that would upset the public, even showing opinion pundits as Mike Huckabee and Ann Coulter.

Other individuals had used the tragedy to proselytize or exploit the insertion of their personal dogmas in the school system, the nation is not Christian, including God won't cause any other difference as when someone would be able to perpetuate another attack won't feel any remorse if God is placed on the public institutions but yet if people would like to put their children on a theological based school because the United States is a country formed and founded on laic principles in order to achieve equality for all the people, yet that's another topic of discussion because equality seems to be more of a mirage.