Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Lisa Simpson Subjectivity of Loneliness

Tampa, Fl -- From all the fictional characters on the tele that I can relate the most due the sensitivity and ideological debaucheries it is Lisa Simpson but also in the methodology of the exercise we also share similar flaws as we tend to chose really poorly the people we date, we tend to have pretty low self-esteem and on conflict management we tend to go on a pacifist way but we tend to hold grudges because we really don't defend ourselves from the other people.

As in The Simpson's universe as in real life, the subjectivity of loneliness it expressed on several different way; Marge and Homer as a couple they tend to be emotionally distant, Maggie is inside her little world because she is just there, Bart loneliness is classified with the underachiever child that is neglected by his parents and by the system, in other words what the stereotypical American child face on a daily basis where he is just a number and that is it, and then there is Lisa's loneliness where beside being a child with the potential and having to conform by the decision of her parents regarding her education she also has to conform that maybe in life she won't go far away even with the potential but there is always the chance she can achieve more if she knows how to look for it. That's the loneliness I can relate to, but also beside the geographical connotation of loneliness, the place is also a state of mind and escaping from that place there comes the ideological liberation.

Cartagena was my physical Springfield, then I moved to Tampa and I realized no matter the place I am there is going to be always a panorama where my loneliness, my personal Springfield is going to be.No matter of with how many people you are surrounded you are going to be lonely on some levels and even if you escape the memories of the loneliness will be there with you on the present or on the past. Family can be one topic, I had them, I had my Homer and my Marge; I had my Nelson Munz as well as list of people which keep growing and made me wonder if it doesn't matter if I am nice, I try to work it out, I am going to alone.? Alone as Eleanor Abernathy because I don't know how to express myself properly or I tend to be passive like Lisa.? I don't know.

I don't know where life is going to take me, if I am going to escape my personal Springfield because no matter what I still feel I take the wrong decisions in life. Maybe someday I will be able to escape my own Springfield completely, to know that I am enjoying fully my life and my own decisions because I did not ended with a Milhouse.