Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Jump of the Angel (Short Story)

And there she was, in the top of the rooftop 11 floors high, people down on the streets where screaming out-loud but for the first time she was feeling alive, she was breathing and she saw the world brand new; she saw the ocean roaming as a lion not very far away, she saw the people's face as she knew every single one of them. She saw herself in the wind as she was looking her reflection in the most beautiful mirror she has ever saw in her life; but it was a mirage, a simple and mere reflection on how reality it's just as a weak as many people's mind but at the same so complex and beautiful, so beautiful that at one point it has to end.

She placed her left foot outside and her slipper fell down where the witnesses were screaming to not jump, she smiled as she saw the slipper falling down, and she started to remember that a few hours before her mother told her she was worthless, her father was absent and she broke up with her girl because her was bored from her, she felt sad because at the end she never experienced love or loved herself to find the strengths to move on.

A police-woman broke into the rooftop, and she smiled at her, but the police-woman was worried; she said, think twice to the young girl, but the girl only replied, it was no one's fault, you take your own decisions and this was mine. She jumped, and while she was falling she realized her entire life was full of sorrow, she saw birds flying around her, she was thinking maybe she could find some peace after all.