Sunday, December 2, 2012

Palestine and Israel; A Conflict Through a Child's Eyes

West Bank and Gaza
Tampa, Fl -- If only the world could see the solutions through the innocent eyes of a child. As every conflict that religion interests for supremacy and nationalism are related to, we as humans we should be taking note about how much religion as a political motor-force has moved the world for more than a millennium. As a person who works on retail, exposition to different realities and opinions are always present on a daily basis but recently a small African child probably around 9 to 10 years old ask his mother why they (Arab-Israeli) can split everything equally because the monuments and the lands are from nobody and we are only here for a short trip on Earth. The mother of the kid couldn't explain with detail at all because how do you explain a bloody conflict to a child without going onto the gruesome details.? I don't know, I am not a parent yet, but if I had to explain to a child I would try to be precise and simple regarding the different problematic's because is not OK to shelter the person from external conflicts as well teach him or her to be as un-biased as possible even if it's an oxymoron to write it or say it because we are biased if we want to or not.

The problem lays again on labeling and trying to define ourselves apart from our fellow men and woman, we are one people and that's it, ideological labels are just mere differences that blind people into not seeing we are only one race. Yet these kind of conflict appear everywhere and people can't realize that to solve all of these problems, you have to break the hate first in a new generation because the old one hasn't learn that much about equality or fairness.