Thursday, December 13, 2012

As the Elvis Song In the Ghetto

As a foreigner there are a few things that I found interesting during my time living in the States, but as a citizen I do get annoyed by the cultural behavior of certain segment of the population as they try to identify themselves with the worse because they don't know anything related to their own culture as well heritage but overall there is one aspect that many people from the upper scales are obsessed acting ghetto or being associated with the marginal sectors many people are trying to escape.

Many people who live in the ghetto try to not get associated with the ghetto or the so called trash sectors because that means they will be hold against many opportunities they try to achieve, a person who lives in the ghetto unless they don't know best they would try to not be placed in that scenario but yet upper scale in some cases Caucasian kids try to act trashy because they think they would excert dominance as alpha males and females but on a long term they only show a lack of personality and self-confidence that will close many doors because of the aforementioned reason being proud of acting ghetto when you shouldn't. Is not something to being proud, it's a situation where you can use to try to get a better life instead being dominated in the status quo.

If I set the situation on a United States level, probably the media, the lack of interest of people into achieving a higher level of education can play factors that some people won't go further in life, life of aspirations regarding certain situations, yet many inmigrants won't go into that category of living in the ghetto or being associated because they try to take advantage of the opportunities for themselves and for their children yet it seems comfortable for a few people to live by the government but yet find a way to have gold teeth  buy expensive phones and get tattoos, all of that while not even working an hour of their lives. How they do it.? Why they take so much pride.? Simple because they don't know best.

I had lived in the ghetto, slept in the streets and I feel ashamed when I heard someone they are ghetto just to avoid saying they are trying to act tough but what pride to act tough when your record says you were arrested, detained because carrying drug paraphernalia, aggression and keeping a job you got when you were a teenager and you didn't tried to find something else because you were scared of facing reality but not to face the ghetto.?

It's terrible that many people associate Lil Wayne as the epitome of being ghetto, gangster, first Lil Wayne as many other rappers don't represent the rich heritage of the African American culture, Lil Wayne only represents the over-glorification of a trend and nothing else; Lil Wayne don't even represent gangsters because on the very beginning gangsters are always well dressed and speak in a really coherent way, they don't go outside with bling-bling and acting if they own the streets but is quite a shame because of the lack of guidance of parents and leaving their kids to the media, the kids are growing to think it is OK to betray their heritage, to betray what their forefathers fought for, for the civil right liberties, for the liberty of being treated as a citizen and not as a scumbag who blames the system.

There is a road beyond the stereotypes that are sold to make generate money, there is a road and the road start knowing history, knowing what your ancesters fought for, know what you can do for your community and stop playing the victim because there are opportunities to get out from the ghetto if is mental or the real one.