Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Song Called Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow.?

I always tend to see and hear what people have to say without interfering on their conversations; some observational habit I had kept for a long time, it comes and goes but it has reappear since my job is around public and being in school had let me listen to what people have to say regarding trending topics, actual events and life; talking about life, there are some things that don't really change at all with the different generations and that is the dominance of the boys of trying to become the alpha male by treating less women, even if it's on a verbal level it shows regard the time people in general have no clue how to build a relationship and put in order their feelings without sexualize everything to look cool, or as I say, they show how immature they are and then they have the doubt if they are going to be still loved tomorrow.?

I had learned and I am not perfect, but if you can pull a genuine smile into someone, when you wake up next to that person and you see that person smile, then you know you are going to be loved tomorrow. Probably that's the reason many people can't develop a personal relationship, maybe that's the reason they ask the question if they will be still loved tomorrow.? Because they can't surpass the teenager stage but when you do, you will realize even in the imperfections there are some perfections when you there is someone there for you, unconditionally, even if you are on the verge of being classified as a neurotic but charming individual.

I learned that love is simple and complex, that without pretension there is unconditional support, even in the good or bad but yet people seem to fail realizing that, because much of the time the conversations that people revolve to are about the appearances and not the essences, maybe that is the key of my happiness  just a simple one, to know that I am going to be still loved tomorrow.